Seeking a Therapist to Sublet at NOCHC


Specializing in individual; couples and family therapy, including play therapy; addiction treatment; and clinical hypnosis.

NOCHC's personal statement: Therapy is useful in helping individuals cope with stress; improving relationships with significant others; addressing behavioral issues with children and adolescents; enhancing family dynamics; and strengthening overall well-being.

Hypnosis is a useful therapy by itself or can be used to further the client's experience with traditional therapy.

NOCHC values the healing qualities of a strong relationship between client and therapist.

At NOCHC, we use a variety of techniques to encourage better coping skills and self-care. NOCHC provides options to incorporate clinical hypnosis into treatment.

Please contact 504-681-7030 to obtain further information about scheduling with one of NOCHC's therapists.

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